As the colours change and the temperatures drop, fall is a great time to get out and about -- especially in and around Edmonton. If you're up for a little urban adventure, here's where to hike in fall in Edmonton.

Mill Creek Trail

Mill Creek Trail is part of Mill Creek Ravine which flows into the North Saskatchewan River. It is located north-south from Connors Road to Argyll Road (63 Avenue). If you hike here, you can bring your dog to enjoy the off-leash area. It's also a great place for a picnic, jog or run, and a mountain bike ride. It's a beautiful place to see fall in technicolour, too.

Kinnaird Ravine

Kinnaird Ravine features a beautiful trail and another off-leash dog area. The ravine is forested, narrow and deep and full of a variety of native plants. Go for a hike and bring some binoculars as the area is also pretty great for birdwatching! The ravine is quite steep, so be sure to go with a friend or two for safety.

Hawrelak Park

Hawrelak Park is a 68-hectare park in the river valley. It is home to a gorgeous 5-hectare lake and beautiful meadows. It's a great place to hike as there are multiple Hawrelak Park specific trails to explore -- especially in the fall when the leaves are changing.

North Saskatchewan River Loop Trail

The North Saskatchewan River Loop Trail is 5.1 km, easy to hike, and beautiful. It loops around both sides of the North Saskatchewan River. It's partially-paved, and dogs are allowed to use the trail if they are kept on a leash. It's also great for birding, fishing, and hiking. The brilliant fall colours only add to its mass appeal with locals.

We hope you give these gorgeous fall hikes a try this year! They'll help you get to know this beautiful city a bit better.

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